Matthew Barret

mb681846 [at] sju [dot] edu

Professional Statement

I create my artwork to provide for people who cannot pay for expensive photography and videography services. I also create artwork to express my thoughts and ideas with the world. One of my key services allows people to pay me by the hour, but also receive every photo that I took and not pay for a set amount of shots. It is my chosen medium to speak through and I also tell other people’s stories through my own art.

I began by shooting senior portraits for $10 for a session–however long and however many photos came of it. I now embody my inexpensive mindset by allowing people to work with the price of a session or photo print. If the price is unaffordable for a person, we can talk down the price to what they are able to pay. Often if I collaborate with other artists on projects or photoshoots, I extend my services to them for free as long as I am given proper credit. I do this because, as artists, we are all trying to make our way in the creative world without a surplus of money to sponsor ourselves. This pricing has resulted in a title that carries trust and respectfulness in the artistic community and a known name for myself back in my hometown of Worcester, MA. In Worcester.

During the fall of 2018 I developed a passion for databending. Databending is a form of glitch art where I take my photos and edit them in software that is not created to edit images. I create glitch because it’s an avant-garde composition and a break from the traditional style of art. The edits that I do to my photos would normally be seen as software failures or errors. But to me, it’s an art form and a break from the daily flow. I’m redefining these flaws that occur in our day to day uses of technologies and shifting the media away from their ordinary form.


  • Photoshop
  • Lightroom
  • Audition
  • Premiere Pro
  • Avidemux


Matt Barrett Freelance Photography

July 2016-Present

  • Contact potential clients in search of photo-shoots and events to photograph.
  • Designing a website to inform people of current projects and display my work
  • Reach out to local restaurants and cafes to set up galleries to garner support and awareness of my work
  • Formerly AV8R Photography

The Hawk, St. Joseph's University student newspaper

Assistant Photo Editor

November 2017-Present

  • Sent out on weekly photo assignments
  • Edit photos and submit by deadline

Dan Donahue for Massachusetts State Representative

Field Staff Manager

October-November 2016

  • Knocked on doors and made phone calls to get the campaign’s message out through direct voter contact
  • Attended standouts/rallies holding signs for Donahue
  • Engaged with undecided voters in hopes of persuading them to vote for Donahue