Dedicated to Kevin and Steven

All of my photography and inspiration would not be here without my art therapist, Kevin.

When I was in the hospital, every Friday Kevin visited me and taught me how to paint. Before the hospital I did not consider myself "good" at art at all. I drew stick figures and never even picked up a paint brush.

Kevin sparked my interest in art. And I wanted to dedicate a portion of my website to him because without him I would not have become a photographer. Thank you Kevin for all the many paint sessions we had, you've truly inspired me to be the photographer and artist I am today.

And to Steven Hammer, the professor and artist, who reignited the artistic flame in me.

My two years at Saint Joseph's University were wonderful while in the Communications department. But with the majority of my classes focusing on general education programs I didn't have much time to create art and express myself. Steven's class allowed me to discover a new form of digital art that I loved. It's called databending or glitch art. It has since become the reason that I decided to transfer to art school and pursue video editing and visual effects as a career.

My databending artwork can be found in my portfolio.

Thank you Kevin and Steven for teaching me that I am an artist and inspiring me to pursue it professionally.